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Project Description
This Windows Azure solution helps you backup your SQL Databases to the Blob Storage on a scheduled basis.

  • Schedule backup tasks (one-time, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Backup your SQL Databases using the BacPac format (export)
  • Monitor your backup activities and download backups to your computer
  • Built-in security (support for HTTPS and password encryption)


How to install? / Como instalar?

You can extend this code to:
  • Use your own SSL certificate
  • Run any task on schedule
  • Backup Blob and Table Storage
  • Restore backups
  • Create and offer a backup SaaS solution to your customers

  • The main author of this project works for Microsoft but this project was developed as personal project in his free time. There is no relation with this software and Microsoft.
  • This software is not made by Microsoft and it is not supported by Microsoft.
  • There are no guarantees when you use this software.
  • This software does not make a "real" database backup of your Windows Azure SQL Database. It just copy and export your database to a BacPac file to be stored in a Windows Azure Blob Storage container. It uses available Windows Azure SQL Database APIs, in a automated way. You can later import the BacPac as a way to restore your database.
  • It's not possible to do incremental or transaction log backups with this tool.

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